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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bento Lunch: Mac & Cheese 10-14

It is raining and very gloomy this morning. This is the first time I am using white cheddar Mac and hope that he'll enjoy it. My son has a calendar given to him by my lovely cousin in England and it's printed that today is 'Winnie The Pooh's birthday!! I 'll have to head out and get some cup cakes to celebrate with his collection of Pooh's family and our family this evening:)

  • TOP TIER-White cheddar Mac n' Cheese,Canadian bacon
  • BOTTOM TIER-White cheddar goldfish crackers,raisins topped with eye shaped gummy,organic baby carrots
Here is what I used for this lunch.

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  1. I loved Mac & Chez as a kid, but now not so much. LOL! But it's CUTE!

  2. Me too, I can eat any pasta but not keen on Mac n' Cheese. That's the reason I have not tried the white cheddar.He said it is good though and ate it all up:)




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