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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bento Lunch: Santa 12-20

Being busy like everyone else, business picking up, last minute shopping, cleaning the house etc, I am drained but in great spirit. Here is a simple bento for half day school.Packed in blue lunch box that I purchased from allthingsforsale.com

Santa bento lunch

  • Pocket sandwiches with ham and Colby longhorn cheese. Made with dumpling maker. Topped with Asiago cheese Santa face.
  • L- Blueberries (these will be last of the blueberries and I am going to wait till next season to buy those grown in the USA.Yes, I am biased but these imported ones are a little sour and does not taste as good) .
  • M-Gingerbread cookies.
  • R- Edamame.
Here are the items or similar that I used to make this lunch.

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Hello and welcome! My name is Rina. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and our amazing son. My goal is to present our son a variety of foods that are healthy, mixing the cultures and ideas in packing balanced lunches. I also try to present them in a fun way which led to my collection of bento boxes and accessories. Thank you so much for stopping by!



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