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Monday, January 9, 2012

Airplane on Sandwich thins by hubby, Bento Lunch #218

I am feeling under the weather and my wonderful hubby made this simple bento. The strawberries are from Farmers Market and they taste amazing.

  •  Whole wheat sandwich thins topped with Asiago and Colby shaped airplane
  • Cheese-it crackers
  • Organic strawberries with airplane picks

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  1. get well soon Rin...
    and so nice of your husband to make this :)

  2. Yenny, thank you for your kindness :-)

  3. Bentomonsters, thanks and I will have to tell my hubby and hope he will make more lunches. I could take a break from time to time .lol.!!

  4. Keeley, thanks for your kind comment :)