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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bento made by my Son 2-2

N is very enthusiastic about making a bento with PSA(Penguin Secret Agency) and EPF (Elite Penguin Force) theme; from his Club Penguin game which he is so into. He said he wanted it to be a 'heart' shape sandwich to show how much he loves his Penguins<3 He made everything for the top tier and gathered some snacks for the bottom tier into couple of food cups. He also made a food pick! All I did was roll up the ham, added some carrots and grapes. What a great little helper and I am so proud of him!

lunch packed by son, bento school lunches

  • Top Tier- Heart shaped honey sandwich with organic fruit leather (PSA,EPF) alphabets,sprinkles,chocolate covered pretzels,pretzel snaps.
  • Bottom tier- Some sprinkles,garden salsa chips, ham roll ups,seedless green grapes,organic baby carrots and a food pick made by N.

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  1. Bentomonsters, thank you so much for your kind comment! N will be happy to know that :)




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