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Monday, February 27, 2012

Bento Lunch #247 : Octodog Bento

Good Day! I have not made octodog for a while and this is by request.

Here is the tutorial :
1) Cut the hotdog into half
2) Using a knife, make a slit in the middle and almost 3/4 way down
3) Make a few more additional slits till you get 8 legs
4) Boil the hotdogs in a pot of boiling water and the tentacles will start curling up.
5) Remove from heat after a few minutes, let them cool down and I used food safe marker for the eyes and mouth.

  • Octodog on organic baby spinach
  • Top left - Wheat crisps, shredded cheese for spinach
  • Top right - Cantaloupe balls with octodog picks

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  1. I love octodogs, that's what got me interested in bento making when I saw them for the first time! And those octodog picks!!! Wonderful lunch!

  2. Berrygirl, thank you very much for your kind comment:)Yes, it is fun to make and of course eat them!

  3. So cute! I've not done Octodog for quite long too. Oh, did the reward work in getting ur boy to eat veg? I've got to try tt on mine. :)

    1. Ming, thank you so much for your kind comment :) It is not working but will keep trying with the reward and bribe for this week! Worse case scenario, have to puree and sneak into his foods.

  4. I made octodogs for dinner tonight! And while I didn't have the cute little hats, I did buy some food markers over the weekend. The kids LOVED them. I actually let the, play with their food during dinner!

  5. Lisa Marie, octodog sounds yummy for dinner and glad that your kids loved them :)

  6. One of my favs! Thanks for your submissions to Bento of the Week. Voting goes through tonight!

    Diana Rambles
    Bento Blog Network




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