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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bento Lunch #245: Penguins and Spinach Bento

Back to school means back to routine for me. I have seen so many cute lunches with spinach on several other bento blogs and I have been loving/ admiring them for many many months :) Nick is an extremely picky eater especially when comes to veggies and it's always a huge challenge for me.

He usually gets to pick one veggie and one fruit that he would like for his school lunches during our grocery shopping. His usual words are 'no veggies'. Anyway, this is my 1st attempt introducing spinach in his bento. Packed in LunchBots Duo box. Linking this lunch to BentoLunch.net

  • Penguin shaped sandwiches (stacked) with Colby accent and icing eye, wheat thins.
  • Organic baby spinach with Asiago (his favorite) alphabets, seedless red grapes, yogurt stars from Tarder Joe's
Here are the items or similar that I used to make this lunch.
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  1. Yep, just as I thought another wonderful bento from Rina!!! That "eat me" note on the spinach...haha too cute! Hope it works!! ^.^

  2. Berrygirl, thank you for your sweet comment:) I can't wait to see his lunch box later today and will update tomorrow!

  3. The penguin is so very cute! And I love the "Eat Me" on the spinach :D

    1. Thank you Jenn! He loves the game Club Penguin and thought it would make his day :)

  4. I love your idea to put "EAT ME" on top of the veggie...it's so sweet for me...hehehee...hope your son will eat it without any hesitation :)

    1. Yenny, thanks for your sweet comment. Update will be in today's post.

  5. How cute, hope that 'eat me' works! :) My younger one hates veg, used to be a stage when he totally wun eat any, n I had to purée it n mix with his rice or hide in some food like dumplings, nuggets. These 2 years he's better, but will still only eat if I cut a little into small pieces n mix with his rice. And both the boys hates raw veg. :(

    1. Ming, thanks for your kind comment and for sharing! I suspect it is because I usually cook the veggies at home since he was little. I love to stir fry veggies, Asian style:) We do have salad quite often too but he is not keen on it.




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