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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bento Lunch #273: Birds Nest Cups

I started my pinterest boards yesterday, finally! I have been contemplating about it and procrastinating at the same time. So much more to learn and I am definitely taking baby steps as I'm not a natural tech wizard :)
This is a recipe that I found awhile back but did not follow proper instructions when making it. It turned out o.k but taste great.

Couple of birds nest, veggie crisps and seedless red and green grapes. Linking to Bentoblognetwork.com

Ingredients for birds nest-
12 turkey bacon
1.5 cups egg substitute
6 tbs shredded Mexican cheese blend
1 tbs minced parsley (I used organic oregano)

1) Cook bacon medium heat, partial set and not crisp
2) Coat muffin cups with spray. Wrap 2 bacon stripes around the inside of cup ( I used 1 stripe, in future will try 2)
3) Fill each muffin cup with 1/4 egg substitute, top with cheese
4) Bake 350F for 18-20 mins, cool for 5 mins before removing from pan
5) Sprinkle with parsley

Here are the items that I used to make this lunch.

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  1. Tks for sharing, Rina. The birds nest cup sounds yummy, will definitely give it a try. :)

    1. Ming, this is my first time writing step by step recipe/ instructions. I am glad that you like it, thank you :)

  2. I love those birds nests! Will have to try this soon.

    1. Kris, glad that you love them, they are yummy. Thank you for your comment :)

  3. hmm..looks yummy..wanna try this with beef.. :)




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