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Monday, June 18, 2012

Bento Lunch: Phineas & Ferb bento

This Phineas & Ferb lunch is my first of Disney characters or for that matter, any cartoon characters. It was a last minute decision, being persuaded by N and his play date. I was clueless as where to start but thankfully there was a fruit snack box in my kitchen cabinet that has pictures of Phineas & Ferb that I used as a guide to hand cut the sandwiches, viola! I was not too happy with the result but the kids enjoyed it and thought they were cute, I guess that's all that really mattered.

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Phineas & Ferb

In the bentos: Phineas & Ferb shaped sandwiches with Provolone cheese eyes and nori pupils, Phineas' hair-do with Colby cheese and Ferb's hair-do with cucumber peel, strawberries cut into rose shapes, blueberries, star shaped cucumber slices.
This lunch is linked to: Lunchbox Dad: Throwback Thursday

Here are the items  that I used to make these lunches.

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  1. Yeah! Phineas & Ferb. They are so great! And your Bento is so well done!Please make me one too. ^^

    1. Midori, thank you for your sweet comment and happy to know that you think they are great:)

  2. Wow! This is cute Rina! I love this! :)

  3. They are great, u did a fantastic job! I love them. :)

    1. Ming, I am happy to know that you love them and thank you! :)

  4. My kids loved this bentos they are so adorable.

    1. Lorraine, thanks and I am glad that your kids love them :)

  5. Super! My son is a big p&p fan - I think I might 'borrow' this idea to make him smile :-)
    Thank you :-)))

    1. Kerstin, thanks for stopping by and glad that this inspires you to make one for your son. Hope you have as much fun as we did :)




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