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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bento Lunch #308: Boat bento

Boating is quite popular here in FL and it's one of the activities that we enjoy. The only thing that I dislike is when the weather is too sunny, hot and humid. It does not bother my hubby much as he loves the sun!
My good friend in Japan sent me some protective arm covers that I sometime use but they look a bit odd in this part of the world. I know that a lot of people in Asia use them though:)

In this bento: Clockwise from top left - cantaloupe balls, organic baby carrots, boat shaped cucumber slices, yogurt covered raisins, couple of boat shaped sandwiches decorated with mild cheddar and Swiss cheese. I used the boat shaped sandwich stamp for the cheese accent. Small container of ranch for dipping. Packed in Trudeau FuelBox. Linking to BentoLunch.ne

Here are the items that I used for this lunch.

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  1. Great theme! The boat shaped cucumbers are adorable.

  2. That Bento looks really good! A great Idea! I think I will make a boat Bento for my son, too.:)

    1. Midori, thanks so much and I look forward to seeing your boat :) E-mail me if you want those picks, I have extras and will be happy to send you some as a gift.

    2. Oh thank you sooooooooo much! You are so kind. :)I've just wrote you an e-mail. I would like to have those picks. Thank you so so much! (I hope I had the right address from you)

  3. Love the boat theme box. :) I dun like to use the arm covers, but my mum used yep them previously when she was still driving. Guess more common in this part of the world coz it's hot all yr round. :)

    1. Thanks Ming for your encouraging comment! I like the patterns and colors of the arm covers but seldom use them, only used when driving long distance. Too lazy to put them on too :)

  4. Your blog is fantastic and I am passing the One Lovely Blog award to you. You can check out the details here if you accept :) Keep up the good work! http://www.bobbisbentos.com/2012/09/one-lovely-blog-very-inspiring-blogger.html




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