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Monday, October 8, 2012

Bento Lunch: Meatballs, Macaroni and Cheese Bento

Monday seems to come too quickly! I have hardly done anything at home this weekend, we mostly have been out visiting friends, shopping, eating and more. I need to catch up with some housework when I get a chance.I have had these tiny face cutters for a while and decided to try them today. Frankly, my hands are too shaky to be playing with tiny foods and I really envy those who can do it almost daily.

In this bento:

  • Macaroni and cheese on the top section.
  • Meatballs with colby face accent and cucumber slices.
  • Banana and this lunch is packed in a double tier bento box.

  • Here are the items that I used to make this lunch

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    1. yummy yummy...mac and cheese...!
      you made me want to make one :)

    2. Yes, wkends always zoom past so fast! :( Cute meatballs! Macaroni and cheese looks yums. :)

      1. Ming, thanks for your encouraging comment :) Macaroni is real easy to make and I should make more often for his lunches!

    3. Beautiful! I love your about me statement. I have a four year old son and he eats more when the presentation is nice/cute! Does your son eat the mac and cheese cold or does he heat it up? Would love to pack pasta in lunches too. Thank you for sharing!

      1. Thanks for stopping by, my son eats the Mac 'n Cheese cold at school since they don't have a microwave to heat it up. You could also send it in a thermos if your son prefers it hot, I do that sometimes.




    Hello and welcome! My name is Rina. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and our amazing son. My goal is to present our son a variety of foods that are healthy, mixing the cultures and ideas in packing balanced lunches. I also try to present them in a fun way which led to my collection of bento boxes and accessories. Thank you so much for stopping by!



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