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Monday, October 15, 2012

Bento Lunch: Halloween Frankenstein bento

Soon it will be Halloween and you will be seeing more Halloween theme lunches from me. While I seldom include candies in his lunches, I do make exceptions for the holidays and special occasions.

Halloween Frankenstein bento

In this bento:
  • Free hand cut Monster shaped sandwich, nori hair, eyes are from sliced olives over smoked gouda cheese and ham, unibrow is from gouda cheese, scar is also from gouda cheese and raisins for mouth. Secured to sandwich with honey.
  • Brach's pumpkin candies.
  • Cucumber slices.
  • Red and green apple slices.

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  1. This is incredible! I love the details on Frankenstein! :)

    1. Thanks Michelle!:) I had a hard time spelling Frankenstein, lol, hopefully I'll not dream of him tonight!

  2. Brawhh-hahaha! (My best sinister laugh!!)This is wonderful Rina! Monsters need love to and I do love him! Great start of the Hallween season!

    1. Berrygirl, glad that you love him, hehehe!:) Halloween lunches are so fun to make and I am in the festive mood, starts from now till Christmas even being super busy at work (it is season time in FL).

  3. Oh and super, super cute button! I just grabbed it! ^.^

    1. Thanks for grabbing the new button and happy to know that you like it! I decided on a cookie cutter as a button since I make sandwiches quite often:)

  4. Awesome!!! I love it, it's so cute! :)