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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bento Lunch: Snowman bento

Happy Friday everyone! It's the busiest season of the year, but lets not forget the reason for the season. I personally love Snowman but unfortunately there is no snow here in Florida and we always have missed the snow whenever we have traveled up north. I hope this year or early next year during our mini vacation, we will be able to play in some snow!
Have a great and safe weekend :)

Snowman bento lunch. Created with circle cookie cutters.

 In this bento lunch:
  • I used Sun Butter instead of his usual deli meat and cheese in the sandwiches today. I made the snowman using two different circle cutters, raisin eyes and mouth, classic carrot nose, mild cheddar for scarf and choc coated sunflower seed buttons. Snowman is sitting on top of mini marshmallow snow. Sprinkle snow coming down on him.
  • Upper left are pretzels and marshmallow snowman with food safe marker buttons and a cupcake pick snowman head.
  • Lower left are seedless red grapes, cherry tomatoes and snowman shaped cucumber slices. Packed in Laptop Lunches.

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