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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bento Lunch #378: Inlaid Hearts Valentine's bento

It is only Thursday but seems like Friday to me, does that ever happen to you? Like my maternal grandma used to say in her both rapid and comical Chinese, " I am so busy until I can't even remember my name or last name", I am translating from Chinese word for word as what she used to say.:) We didn't dare to laugh then; and now I, myself, sometimes express the same thought to my husband - only in English. He doesn't dare to laugh either and I am guessing he is afraid he will end up on the couch!

This will be my last bento for this week and Nikolai is going to have school lunch tomorrow. Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend everyone!

valentines lunch, inlaid hearts

In this bento lunch:
  • Main section: Heart shaped sandwiches with whole wheat and pumpernickel cut with heart shaped cutters in two sizes with inner sections swapped.
  • Upper left: Lettuce and mini heart shaped carrot pieces with ranch dressing in the mini container.
  • Upper right: Organic apple sauce topped with a strawberry half cut into heart shaped.
  • Far right edge: Fork and spoon wrapped in cloth napkin. Packed in Laptop Lunches. 

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  1. Lovely! Have a great wkend too!

  2. Lovely lunch! Lol, we say that in Chinese too. It's been a busy wk for me too. Hope u get a gd rest over the wkend. :)

    1. Thanks Ming! Hahah, you all say that too, I can imagine you saying it now, heheh. You must be very busy since Chinese New Year is coming up pretty soon. Have a good weekend!:)




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