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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: FunBites Cube It- Clock bento lunch and Initial bento snack

I was given the opportunity to review the FunBites Cube It cutter. It comes as two pieces, one piece that's the curved blade to cut foods into pieces and the other is the popper topper which helps you to remove the food within seconds. I was impressed as to how easy it was to use and this product not only worked for sandwiches but also worked on variety of foods including fruit, cheese, pancakes and more. The cutter is not sharp to the touch and it is even safe for kids to use. Besides school lunches, I am planning on using the FunBites cube it for some party platter foods as well when entertaining family and friends!

FunBites Cube It is made of high performance material for strength, sharpness and durability to create fun, bite-sized meals in less than 10 seconds. It works best on flat surfaces, is top-shelf dishwasher safe and BPA free.

I made one bento lunch for school and one bento snack for Nikolai to eat in the car after school since we have an appointment today. Check out my $50 Amazon gift card blogiversary giveaway here.

Clock bento lunch for school.

In this bento lunch:
  • Main section: Turkey and Gouda cheese pumpernickel and smart white bread sandwich bites made with FunBites cube it. Face of clock is from smoked Gouda with hands of mild cheddar cheese and raisin center.
  • Upper right: Cube it cut cucumber.
  • Lower right: Cube it cut watermelon
  • Far right edge: Whole wheat thins. Packed in Laptop Lunches.
Last name initial bento snack for after school.

In this bento snack:
  • Main section: Sunbutter pumpernickel 'L' shaped for his last name initial and smart white bread sandwich bites made with FunBites cube it.
  • Upper let: Cube it cut watermelon.
  • Upper right: Cube it cut mild cheddar cheese.
  • Lower right: Veggie chips. Packed in Trudeau Fuel Everest sandwich box.
Here are the supplies or similar that I used to make this lunch and snack.
Disclosure: FunBites generously provided me with the product for review without cost to me. Other than receiving the product, I have not received any compensation to write this review.

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