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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ghosts In Graveyard Halloween Bento

When I was around Nikolai's age, my grandmother used to tell us scary stories especially those which involved eerie graveyards. This bento brought back some fond memories spent with her.

Ghosts In Graveyard Halloween Bento
 In this bento lunch:
  • Main section: Tombstone sandwiches (stacked) surrounded by broccoli florets, mild cheddar cheese full moon, provolone clouds and fruit leather lettering.
  • Top right: Egg ghost on top of a small silicone cup. There is a cover for the green container which prevents the egg smell from getting into other foods.
  • Bottom right: Peaches.
  • Far right: Small bottle of soy sauce for the egg and ranch in small white container. 
  • I also included a Lunchbox love note from the new joke edition. LOL! What game do ghosts like to play? Answer: Hide-and-Go-Shriek! This lunch is packed in his Laptop Lunches.
Here are the supplies or similar that I used to make and pack this lunch.

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