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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Simple Roll Ups Bento With Love

With a few picks I added a touch of love to some easy to make kebab roll-ups bento for Nikolai. Tomorrow he will have the school's lunch as they will be serving one of his favorites. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

Simple roll ups with love, bento school lunches, valentines lunch

In this bento lunch:
  • Top tier: I used a rolling pin to flatten the bread first, spread SunButter and Jam, roll and cut. I skewered them with the red and green heart picks.
  • Bottom tier: Cucumber slices and strawberries cut into heart shape on either side of a fig bar( cut into half) to which I added the I LOVE U picks. This lunch is packed in a lovely Paris themed bento box.
Here are the supplies that I used to make and pack this lunch.

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  1. That looks yummy Rina! And I like the box. It's cute! Hm, i will look what the bar is. I don't know it. But looks great with the pick! :)

    1. Thanks Midori for your kind comment and I am glad to know that you like the box too.:) Try to google Fig Newton and it will show you about the fig bar. They are many brand out there and I love the blueberry ones.:)

    2. Yes thank you! I googled for it! It looks yummy! :)

    3. Glad that you managed to googled it.:) Have a fantastic weekend Midori!

  2. Love this, looks so pretty!




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