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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bear Soba Bento

We love soba noodles especially when the weather is hot and humid. This is the first time I am sending soba to school with Nikolai. I tossed the noodles with sesame oil so it will not get stuck together in one huge blob and Nikolai loves the flavor. I also included a small container of tsuyu (soba dipping sauce) for him to pour over the noodles instead of dipping at lunch time.

In this bento lunch:
  • Organic soba noodles with mild cheddar ears and nose, provolone eyes and nori pupils. I used my cutezcute panda stamp for the nose, circle cutter for the ears and eyes.
  • Meatballs in a pea pod silicone cup, seedless red grapes and organic baby carrots. Tsuyu sauce in a MonBento sauce container.
  • This lunch is packed in a cute heart shaped bear bento box.
  • Linked to: BentoLunch.net
Here are the supplies or similar that I used to create this lunch.

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  1. So adorable! I love this one!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Ming! Glad to know that you boys love soba too.:)

  3. Yummy I love soba! Great for hot weather. Very cute bento and I am sure he thoroughly enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you Jean! He came home with an empty lunch box and I'm always happy to see that.:)

  4. so nice...
    I love the heart shape of box too :)




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