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Monday, October 27, 2014

BOO, Ghost croissant bento

Happy Monday! We had a fun weekend at several carnivals as this was the last weekend before Halloween. This simple ghost themed lunch was put together in 5 minutes when I was in a hurry. The croissant was from a French bakery near our home and I love the little delicacies from the store which are made fresh daily from scratch, they are oh, so tasty.

I used an octopus shaped cutter for the ghost BUT you can also use a small tulip cookie cutter, turn it upside down and use a small straw for the features. The croissant fits nicely into our deep and spacious Goodbyn Hero.

Ghost on croissant Halloween bento lunch, BOO
In this bento lunch:
  • Main compartment: Croissant topped with a couple of Provolone cheese and a cupcake pick, cotton candy flavored candy corn marshmallows and a GoGo squeeze apple sauce.
  • Top left: Organic baby carrots.
  • Top right: Tangerine with a leaf pick.
Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack this lunch.

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Hello and welcome! My name is Rina. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and our amazing son. My goal is to present our son a variety of foods that are healthy, mixing the cultures and ideas in packing balanced lunches. I also try to present them in a fun way which led to my collection of bento boxes and accessories. Thank you so much for stopping by!



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