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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Nightmare Before Christmas bento

Jack Skellington, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, is also known as the 'Pumpkin King' who takes the characters and viewers on a wildly entertaining adventure. Of the many treasures, my favorite quote by Jack is; "Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it!"

I made this bento of "Jack" for Nikolai to enjoy for his school lunch today, packed in a Planetbox Rover

The Night Before Christmas, Jack Skellington, ham roll ups, school lunch

In this bento lunch:
  • Main compartment - Free hand cut nori for facial details, above Parmesan Couscous with JACK food picks.
  • Lower left - Seedless black and green grapes with a pumpkin cupcake pick.
  • Upper left -Cucumber slices.
  • Center - Pumpkin shaped orange gummy.
  • Upper right - Ham roll-ups
Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack this lunch.

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  1. I really love Jack Skellington this Halloween season, and this one looks great!

    1. Thank you Jean! We like him too and plan to watch the movie again.:)

  2. How cute is that?! My little man would love that. Thank you for an inspiring lunch box

  3. So very cool, Rina! I'm planning to make him too. :)

    1. Ming, thank you so much and I am looking forward to your creation!:)

  4. I love this, another gorgeous lunch from you, Jack is so cute!
    Thank you for linking up to Fun Food Friday!

  5. Replies
    1. Yenny, thank you so much and I'm glad to know you like the quote too!:)




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