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Monday, October 13, 2014

Yumbox Panino Review and Monster Halloween Bento

I am very pleased that Yumbox presented me with the opportunity to review their Yumbox Panino. This is a well designed lunchbox and is available in ten beautiful colors from which Nikolai selected the frutti blue one. It comes with a colorfully illustrated inner food tray that is removable for cleaning or for using alone while at home which is divided into four sections. The main section is large enough to fit a sandwich or two cups of pasta, brown rice, salad or more. Two more half cup sections are ready to hold your sides and then there is a one ounce circular shaped section for any topping, dip, or treat.

Since it's October, and it's the time of the year for Halloween themed lunches, for my first Halloween bento of the season I made this monster lunch and packed it in our new Yumbox Panino.

Yumbox Panino Review

As you can see from the photo below, the finish is beautiful and the color is bright and cheerful.

Below you can see the silicone of the inside of the lid. When closed it provides a seal for the inner tray. This is great for us as Nikolai does not like it when yogurt, applesauce or other foods end up making mush of his crackers or sandwich.

The photo above shows the inner tray in place in the Yumbox. Below you can see it removed. It can be used alone for meals or snacks at home.

This  sturdy box of ABS has a silicone insert on the lid which creates a seal with the inner tray, and this keeps everything in its place. We have tested it with several examples such as ranch dressing, applesauce,  yogurt, and humus with no leakage. The hinge worked smoothly and the latch was easy to operate. With the tray of Tritan, all materials are BPA-free and phthalates-free. The box measures approx. 8.5 x 6.5 x 1.8 inches so it fits nicely in a standard size lunch tote.

Monster Halloween bento lunch

In this bento:
  • Left main section - Sandwich decorated with freehand 'mouth' cut dividing into two, strawberry jam, nori scar on chin and wild eye food picks.
  • Upper right - Apple slices with spider pick.
  • Lower right - Baby carrots and broccoli decorated with eyes made from circle cut mozzarella cheese and raisin eyes.
  • In the center - Dried peach slices.
Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack this lunch.

Disclosure: Yumbox generously provided me with the item for review without cost to me. Other than receiving the item, I have not received any compensation to write this review.

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  1. The box looks very nice! And I love your monster sandwich, so cool!

  2. So cool! I've been considering the Yumbox for a long time but not gotten it yet. Love your monster sandwich!

    1. Thank you so much Jean for your kind comment!:) It is truly an awesome lunchbox and I am sure you'll love it if you get it!




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