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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

LunchBots thermal lunches and Tips for packing hot food {BBQ steamed bun and Mac & Cheese}

Sometimes Nikolai requests warmer foods such as stews, fried rice, pasta and others, especially during the cooler months. A stainless thermos will keep food warm for hours and is a good choice when it comes to food safety.

Here is how I prep in the mornings when I need to send him a hot meal: First I fill his thermos with boiling water, place it on the counter with the lid on and let it sit for five minutes or more while I am assembling his side dishes such as fruits, veggies and a little snack. Then I pour out the hot water and fill the thermos with the hot food.

Here are a couple of lunches which I packed in my favorite Lunch Bots insulated thermal.
The inside of the lid, which could be in contact with the food is also of stainless steel, one of my favorite features and the bowl like shape is easy to use and clean.

I heated up a bbq steamed bun which I purchased from our local Asian grocery store and added some facial accents so that it looked like a Panda. It stayed warm in his LunchBots insulated thermal till lunch time, according to Nikolai. His side dishes were packed in a LunchBots quad. It contained organic baby carrots, hummus in small Panda container, whole wheat crackers, granola bar, seedless red grapes and a bear cut-out babybel cheese.

Bbq steamed bun, Panda bento, Tips for packing hot food

Here is a Mac & Cheese lunch which he enjoyed on a different day. It was also packed in his Lunch Bots insulated thermal. His side dishes were also packed in a LunchBots quad. It contained grated cheese in the blue container for him to sprinkle on his Mac & Cheese, animal crackers, granola bar with alphabet picks, organic baby carrots and seedless red grapes.

Macaroni & Cheese bento, Tips for packing hot food

Here are the supplies or similar that I used to create and pack these lunches.
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  1. So yummy! Definitely nice to have a hot lunch on cold days :) Will go check out the Lunchbots thermos, looks like a good size to bring to school!

  2. Panda Bao is cute! Both lunches looks so yummy!

    1. Thank you so much Ming! Glad to know that you like the bao.:)




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