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Monday, February 23, 2015

Ninja Bento

Happy Monday and I hope y'all had a great weekend. The weather here is warming up a little so we went to the annual Greek festival on Saturday, it was great fun and the food was superb as always. My family calls me a 'foodie', 'cause wherever we go I have to check out the restaurants first. The new ones are great for when we are in an adventurous mood, and other times I adore those mom and pop restaurants. I'll better stop writing about food. I can go on and on.

Occasionally I have the memory of a bento idea refreshed when I look at a special bento box. I have always wanted to make a ninja bento but never did get to it, and this cute Kokeshi ninja bento box inspired me. I used pumpernickel bread (cut with a circle cookie cutter) with provolone cheese and nori for the facial accents. He also had thin cut slices of apple and sugar snap peas as sides.

Ninja bento school lunch

Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack this lunch.

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