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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Leftover Pizza For Lunch and Leftover Lasagna For Lunch (2)

Daylight savings time started a couple of days ago for many of us. For others, this is a ritual in which we have to move our clock forward one hour. It's always difficult for me to get used to this change which makes it so dark in the mornings and I dread to wake up. The only time I like to wake up when it is dark like that is when we are going on vacation.:)

Sometimes after cutting a fruit, veggie or bread I get an inspiration for a particular lunch. On this occasion I thought I'd just pack some lasagna into Nikolai's Lunchbots insulated thermal and add some sides and call it good enough. After the bread was cut, a few slices looked like a puppy to me and I decided to add candy eyes and raisin nose for the features. I also added some bone shaped cheddar on his lasagna. Have you experience a similar situation? He also had seedless black grapes with a dog pick and crinkle cut cucumber slices as sides in his Lock & Lock container.

Leftover lasagna for lunch, dog themed

Here is a simple leftover pizza for lunch. I added a thin slice of smoked Gouda cheese on the top of the pizza, give me five! His sides were babybel cheese, pretzel snaps, baby carrots and red grapes. This lunch was packed in his Laptop Lunches.

Leftover pizza for lunch, give me five, school lunch

Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack these lunches.

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  1. Your leftovers look so good, I'm so hungry now at bedtime, lol.

    1. Thanks Ming! That happens to me whenever I visit your blog, always hungry, lol.:)

  2. Love the little puppy! So cute!

  3. These lunches look yummy. Love the way you used the bread to inspire your dog theme.

    1. Thanks Keitha! I am glad to know that you like the lunches.:)




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