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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mummy Halloween Bento

This was a very easy and fun to make mummy lunch. I used a bear shaped cookie cutter to create the mummy, for which I got the inspiration from one of my older posts where I used a Gingerbread man cookie cutter to create the mummy. You can find that post here.
I wanted to surprise Nikolai with this lunch but had to tell him not to panic when he sees it at lunch time. He is afraid of spiders and that cupcake ring might startle him. I don't want him jumping or shouting and getting into trouble at lunch time, lol.

Mummy Halloween bento. I used a bear shaped cookie cutter to create the mummy.

In this bento lunch: Bear shaped sandwich topped with mozzarella cheese bandages, candy eyes and a spider cupcake ring. Organic baby carrots with a monster hand cupcake pick, Annie's organic fruit snack, seedless black grapes, orange yogurt topped with fruit leather which I free hand cut to look like Jack-O-Lantern. I included a Lunchbox love note with this lunch which was packed in a leak-proof Bentgo box.

I'm not crazy about spiders either, but for me it is the startled expression in the mummy's eyes that makes it really scary!

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