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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Valentine's Day Heart Tortilla Roll-Ups

How was your weekend? We watched Super Bowl 50 on Sunday evening and enjoyed the company and food. I am sure the others enjoyed the game more than I, as I am not really a football fan and don't quite understand the game. Thankfully, Nikolai plays little football so he and my hubby tried to explain the rules and play to me. It was fun listening to them even if I might not remember it next year, LOL!  I am truly more of a soccer fan and I call it football, same as many people in other countries. I've been trying to get Nikolai to play soccer and hopefully that also will interest him someday soon. After my hubby learned that cricket games can sometimes last for days, he thinks that might be the game for him!

We always have extra tortillas on hand and we are often unable to finish them before the expire date. You know how it goes, when there is none in the pantry, everyone seems to want them, and when you have a huge bag, no one seems to want them! Does that sound familiar to you?
I decided to make some roll-ups for Nikolai and thought that this looked like a heart shape, at least enough like one when I included the center.  He doesn't seem to have so much of an appetite lately and I just rolled them with organic cream cheese, simple.

Valentine's Day Heart Tortilla Roll-Ups

In this bento lunch (packed in a Planetbox rover):
  • Main compartment -Tortilla roll-ups and a heart shaped marshmallow.
  • Upper left - Organic baby carrots.
  • Lower left - Organic apple slices.
  • Center -Babybel cheese with mini heart cut outs.
  • Upper right -Seedless green grapes with a cupcake ring.
Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack this lunch.


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