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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

You Are A Star Lunch

We had a great long weekend with Monday being Presidents Day. Last Wednesday, we attended the first and second quarter academic achievement award ceremony at Nikolai's school. It's a little different this year with the awards as they recognized and awarded  those with A Honor Roll (all A grades for the first two quarters) and another group for what is called BUGS (Bringing Up Grades). Previous years the awards were given to A and AB honor roll students (Those with at least one A and no grade lower than B) and this year I believe AB was taken off and awards were given to anyone who brought up one grade without a loss to another no matter what grade it was!! Of course it didn't affect Nikolai as he received his award for the A Honor Roll, but could be a little unfair to see one student who maintained BAAA or even BBBB not recognized watching the awarding of another for getting their first C ever from D. I think it is fine to recognize improvements with the BUGS idea but not at the expense of those with overall better performance!!!

I say this humbly, Nikolai got an "A+ Honor Roll" and we are SO PROUD of his achievements!! If you are following my blog, you may already know that he is a straight A's student. I've not seen any b's in any of his work and hope that it stays that way. There was one time he asked me what will happen if he gets a 'b' and I looked at him and said nothing. I am sure he got the message. You know, I am generally a very friendly and lenient parent and so is my hubby, but at times that can change, though thankfully not often.

I made him a star themed lunch and created it with alphabet picks. You can also use cheese or fruit leather lettering if you prefer.

You Are A Star Lunch

In this bento lunch (packed in a Planetbox rover):
  • Main compartment - Star shaped sandwich with STAR letters.
  • Upper left - Peach slices.
  • Lower left - Blueberries.
  • Center - Babybel cheese with star cutout.
  • Upper right - Cascadian farm organic granola bar and Annie's cheddar crackers.
Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack this lunch.


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  1. What a fun lunch! Congratulations to Nikolai!!!

  2. Perfect lunch for the A* boy. Nikolai results has always been awesome! :)

  3. That's awesome! You must be so proud of him!

    1. Thank you so much Jean! Yes, we are really proud of him.:)




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