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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Brighten Up Your Lunches With Food Picks

Food picks are one of my favorite bento accessories. Many are so cute that I LOVE them myself! In fact, I've just ordered a bunch of new picks, not yet sure if it's for Nikolai's lunches or for my own viewing pleasure, lol. Lately, especially on days when my lunch packing mojo is on holiday, I've been using food picks to brighten up his lunches.

When I first started out bento-ing or packing lunches for Nikolai, one early consideration was his picky eating. Yes, he is a picky eater. I'm not one to be overly critical or assign lables, but initially I had some difficulty packing lunches that he would actually eat. I thought that cute food picks and rings might be great ways to brighten up his lunches. The first bento accessories I purchased were food picks from Bento USA (they have so many choices with reasonable prices so I purchased a huge collection).

Cute food picks and rings really are great ways to brighten up any simple lunch and I noticed that he would eat up most of his lunches when I included those cute picks or rings. We also acquired many more food picks/ rings by saving them after we devoured cupcakes at a party or just by buying them from the store. Enjoy the cupcakes and save the cute picks for later, how convenient is that! :)

I've included food picks or rings in most of Nikolai's past lunches and below are just a few.

Brighten Up Your Lunches With Food Picks

Bento lunch 1: A sandwich cut into half which I included a bee cupcake pick. Sides were organic granola bar cut into half, cheddar crackers, string cheese slices, cucumber slices and apple slices with a smaller bee pick. This lunch was packed in a leak-proof Yumbox.

Bee pick on a simple sandwich lunch

Bento lunch 2: This lunch was sent warm in our Warm and Tote bag. It was all natural chicken nuggets with cute picks and organic popcorn. He also had a side of fruits which are not in picture. This lunch was packed in a Planetbox shuttle.

Nuggets and popcorn with Donald Duck and Daisy food picks.

Bento lunch 3: This lunch was packed towards the end of last school year when I'd lost my lunch packing mojo. String cheese with a soccer ball cupcake ring, yogurt covered stars, a sandwich with a soccer ball cupcake pick, brownie for a treat and green grapes. Packed in a Planetbox rover.

Soccer pick on a simple sandwich and a soccer ring on string cheese

Bento lunch 4: I attempted to free hand cut a sweet shape from smoked Gouda cheese, topped it on a Hawaiian sweet bun. His sides were organic apple sauce with a sweet pick, yogurt covered fruits and organic baby carrots. This lunch was packed in a leak-proof Yumbox.

Sweet shaped cheese on Hawaiian bun with a cute sweet pick

Bento lunch 5: This simple lunch was packed in a Lunchbots duo and sent warm in our Warm and Tote bag. It contains chicken nuggets, a cereal bar with a star pick and cheddar crackers. Sides are fruits and veggies which are sent cold, not pictured.

Nuggets and a cereal bar with star pick

Bento lunch 6: A ladybug pick on a sandwich, a couple of flower shaped watermelon slices on green grapes, yogurt covered fruit snacks, a Babybel cheese, cheese crackers and yogurt covered star. This lunch was packed in a Planetbox rover.

Ladybug pick on a sandwich to brighten up the lunch

Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack these lunches.


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