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Monday, August 22, 2016

Fit & Fresh Leak Proof Lunch Set Review

The nice people at Fit & Fresh sent me a bright and beautiful collection of containers and also a really great lunch bag. The Kid's 17 Piece Healthy Lunch Set that I am featuring here is truly fabulous. Their colors are very bright and cheerful as you can see below.

Fit & Fresh Leak Proof Lunch Set Review

I believe that, because of the versatility available with these, this set is not only great for kids but for adult as well, and I'm sure to use those with the gorgeous pink lids very often. You all might know that my favorite color is pink!!

Fit & Fresh Leak Proof Lunch Set Review

But great looks alone don't make a great container, right?  Not to worry here, for these are wonderfully leak proof, BPA free, and the sizes seem just perfect for your school lunches. I say wonderfully leak proof because they are both leak proof and also easy for children to open and close.

Fit & Fresh Leak Proof Lunch Set Review

Included in the set are ice packs in three different sizes. One fits the Lunch Pod, and the two others fit the two cup and one cup containers. These ice packs are specially shaped so that they will snap securely into the lids yet don't interfere with the leak proof seal. Also for our convenience they even included volume measurement markings on the sides of the containers.

Fit & Fresh Leak Proof Lunch Set Review

This Kid's 17 Piece Lunch set comes with the Lunch Pod, which has plenty of room for a triple decker sandwich, and two each of the two cup, one cup, and half cup containers. Included, of course, are the leak proof lids for each and three ice packs to fit the Lunch Pod, the two cup, and one cup containers. All of these containers can travel from the freezer to the microwave and then to the dishwasher for ease of use.

Fit & Fresh Leak Proof Lunch Set Review. A fun and easy lunch

The lunch shown above shows some of these containers in use. The larger container holds a simple whole wheat sandwich with a baran for added cuteness. Besides, I just got some new barans and picks and am quite excited to put them to use. The two cup container holds organic baby carrots and seedless green grapes. The one cup size is filled with organic Greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries.

Below is the Appalachian Insulated Lunch Bag also from Fit and Fresh. It is a great way to transport your lunch. It has extra thick insulation and an additional zippered pocket on the back. Also included with it is a reusable ice pack.

Fit & Fresh Lunch Bag Review.

This and other bag options can be found at their website where you can see their extensive collection of goodies. This one was among the large selection found by clicking on the Men's Lunch Bag choice found in the sub-menu under 'WORK'.

I also have their bento lunch kit and their soft touch lid meal carrier which you can see here.

Disclosure: Fit & Fresh generously provided me with the products for review without cost to me. Other than receiving the products, I have not received any compensation to write this review. All opinions are my own.

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