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Thursday, September 29, 2016

4 Transportation Themed Lunches

Looking at these transportation themed lunches is putting me into travel and vacation mode! I wish we could have a long vacation and more travels coming soon but unfortunately our next long one will be around Christmas time, not that it will be really long, only around two weeks if I'm not mistaken. These lunches were created with our Lunch Punch transportation set which comes with four cutters. They are easy to use and the final results are always cute, you can add some accents like what I did or go without and your lunches will still turn out cute!

4 Transportation Themed Lunches

Nikolai enjoyed these lunches last school year before our summer vacation! It sure brings back memories.

Truck with cargo school lunch in a Planetbox

Bento lunch 1: Truck with cargo. I used the lunch punch cutter for the sandwich and added cheddar cheese wheels and a cap pick for the driver. Sides are pineapple and watermelon chunks with a truck food pick, choc cover sunflower seeds, cucumber slices, organic baby carrots, a cereal bar and crackers. This lunch is packed in a Planetbox rover.

Aeroplane in cloud lunch in a Yumbox

Bento lunch 2: Aeroplane in cloud with Provolone cheese accents. The plane was, of course, cut with the same cutter, while the little clouds were freehand cut.
Sides are organic granola bar, pineapple chunks, yogurt covered fruits, organic baby carrots with a cloud baran. This lunch is packed in a leak-proof Yumbox panino.

Train with coal car bento lunch in a Planetbox

Bento lunch 3: For this 'Train with coal car' sandwich I used a small circle cutter and some Provolone cheese for the wheels and puffs of smoke from the locomotive and some mild cheddar which I freehand cut for the other accents. Above the coal car is a morning sun of Babybel cheese and below the wheels are celery tracks. This bento also includes orange slices and a granola bar. It is lunch is packed in a Planetbox launch.

Car lunch in a stainless steel Planetbox

Bento lunch 4: Car. Main compartment contains a car shaped sandwich with cheddar cheese accents and a cute face pick. Sides were grapes with a stop light pick, yogurt covered fruits, sugar snap peas with dip in the small dipper, organic granola bar and crackers. This lunch is packed in a Planetbox rover.

I've packed many more lunches created with the lunch punches and I am hoping to post them soon if possible.

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  1. Cute lunches, Rina! I have the sweets set and need to get my hands on this!




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