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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

4 Fun Halloween School Lunch Ideas: Ghost, Jack-O-Lantern, Bats and Witch

Halloween is my favorite time of the year to pack fun lunches, not only do I enjoy making them, I also enjoy admiring those made by others.
Nikolai still isn't sure what costume he wants and I guess we have to start brainstorming soon, real soon! I'm more of a foodie than a tailor/crafter, so sewing a last minute costume is out of the question, lol.

Here are 4 fun Halloween themed lunches which are quite easy and totally doable. They are all packed in our leak-proof Yumbox.

Jack O Lantern Halloween bento lunch in Yumbox

Bento lunch 1: Main compartment contains a Jack-O-Lantern sandwich and a baby seedless cucumber. For the Jack-O-Lantern I used a two sided cutter to cut the shape of the components and then used the other side for the cut-outs only on the top slice. A bit of crust serves as a stem. I used our lettering cookie cutters to leave a faint (spooky?) BOO impression on the cucumber. In the upper right section there is a mandarin orange with a small celery stick as a pumpkin and stem and below them are some strawberries. In the center I included some fruit snacks.

Ghost Halloween bento lunch in Yumbox BOO

Bento lunch 2: For this lunch I have a sandwich topped with a mozzarella cheese ghost which I shaped with a cutter and decorated with bits of raisin, and using another small cutter, I included a tiny headstone shaped piece of crust and also a "BOO" pick. On the right side I have included some strawberries, cucumber slices, and some chunks of cheese.

Witch and broomstick Halloween bento lunch in Yumbox

Bento lunch 3: Above a bagel with creme cheese filling I put a flying witch on a broom. The witch was shaped with a cutter, the hat was made from nori, and the broom from a bread crust. For the sides I included some apple slices, some green grapes and some M&Ms.

Bats Halloween bento lunch in Yumbox

Bento lunch 4: Here are a couple of bat sandwiches which were shaped with a cutter and decorated with fruit leather eyes and mouths with a cheese stick below and a granola bar above. Above right are some apple slices and green grapes and below left are some sweet red bell pepper slices.

These were all very easy and quick to make, but most of all they were really FUN to make!

Below is a collage that I made for those who might like to pin.

4 Fun Halloween School Lunch Ideas. Bats, Jack O Lantern, Ghost, Witch

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  1. These lunches are so cute, and doable! Love them!!

  2. Love these ideas Rina! The ghost is especially cute, and I love how you re-use the leftover bread to make the gravestone.

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! I am glad to know that you love them.:)




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