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Thursday, July 26, 2018

150+ Lunches In Planetbox & Features That We Like

Planetbox may be Nikolai's favorite lunchbox! Frankly, I'm sure we have packed more lunches into them than this post title. I still have a backlog of lunches which I need to post.

We own all three of the Planetboxes ( Rover, Shuttle and Launch). The one we have used most is the Planetbox Rover, then the Shuttle and after that the Launch. If you need a larger capacity box, then I would suggest the Planetbox Launch. Nikolai is a small eater and prefers variety, thus, the Planetbox Rover with its many sections is perfect for us. Of course, if you have all three sizes you will find the perfect time or circumstance for each.

150+ Lunches In Planetbox & Features That We Like

The Planetbox Rover has five compartments and two dippers. The PlanetBox Shuttle has two compartments and one dipper. Each come with a colorful magnet set, perfect for personalizing. The lid is the hinged type and is secured with a metal snap-type latch, so it all remains together.
If you’re looking for a box that will last for years to come and that is completely plastic free, high quality and durable, this is the one for you! While the price is a bit more than some alternatives, the value more than justifies it when its quality and all of its many features are considered.

Features that we like:

- Made of stainless steel and there’s no worry about BPA.
- Dishwasher safe, eco-friendly and should last indefinitely.
- Compartments which provide variety and versatility.
- Cute magnet designs to choose from.
- The dippers are great containers to hold sauces, dips, yogurt etc that fit perfectly inside the Planetbox.
- The insulated bag is both sleek and functional. On the outside there's a place for a water bottle and a pocket for a napkin or a small snack box. On the inside is a mesh pocket for a PlanetBox cold kit or similar ice pack, and a couple little straps that secure utensils or a cute note from home.

You can view my gallery of lunches packed in PlanetBox by clicking HERE.

Below is a collage that I made for those who might like to pin.

150+ Lunches In Planetbox & Features That We Like

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  1. Great post and lunches! I'll need to get a new rover for my littlest who will be starting Kindergarten.

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa! Enjoy the rest of your summer! :)




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