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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

25+ Lunches In Leak-Proof Bentgo Kids & Features That We Like

It's been two weeks since back to school for us, and we made it smoothly. I'm so glad that next week is Labor Day and we have a long weekend to take a short trip. Travel is a shared hobby or interest for our family and we seldom miss an opportunity for any kind of adventure. Nikolai once claimed that he learned to read from road signs and billboards besides books...could even be true! LOL!

Bentgo Kids is another leak-proof lunchbox that we have. Since the tray is removable, I believe you can use it as soon as a child is able to eat solid foods on a high chair. It has five compartments which are great for a variety of foods. The largest compartment is good for sandwiches, leftovers, pasta, salad and more. The other compartments are perfect for fruits, veggies, snacks, yogurt, applesauce and dips.

25+ Lunches In Leak-Proof Bentgo Kids & Features That We Like

Features that we like:

- It's leakproof! It seals very well to prevent wet foods from leaking onto other foods.
- Drop-proof, rubber-coated edges and sturdy design.
- The removable tray is divided into sensible sized sections.
- It is dishwasher safe.
- All materials are BPA-free and phthalates-free.

You can view my gallery of lunches packed in Bentgo Kids by clicking HERE.

Below is a collage that I made for those who might like to pin.

25+ Lunches In Leak-Proof Bentgo Kids & Features That We Like

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