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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Review: Warmables Food Warmer Sleeve

The great people at Warmables generously offered us the opportunity to review their Food Warmer Sleeve, and I'm quite excited to share my experience with you in this post.

Warmables Food Warmer Sleeve Review

The photo below shows the beautiful pink sleeve and the two natural heat packs. The color is gorgeous!

Warmables Food Warmer Sleeve Review

The photos below show:

Photo 1 shows leftover shrimp fried rice in a 26 oz. container which easily fits into the sleeve. I heated the leftovers in a microwave safe plate before transferring them into the lunchbox.

Photo 2 shows that the sleeve opens wide for easy packing.

Photo 3 shows the container in the sleeve with the natural heat packs.

Photo 4 shows the sleeve packed, closed, and ready to go!

Warmables Food Warmer Sleeve Review

This great sleeve is perfect for keeping foods such as leftovers, meatballs, pasta, chicken nuggets, pizza, fried rice, and more warm, which kids and adults alike prefer.

The combination of their sleeve and heat packs do an excellent job of keeping foods warm until lunchtime, and you won't have to search out and wait your turn at a microwave when you should be enjoying your meal. It's a great idea for school, but also for the office, picnic or when traveling.

In the photo below you can see how nicely everything fits into our Warmables neoprene food warmer sleeve. Not only do I love how my food stayed warm till lunchtime, I also love the color of the sleeve. Y'all may already know that pink is my favorite color.

Warmables Food Warmer Sleeve Review

The sleeves from Warmables are manufactured by them in the USA using first grade insulated neoprene like that used in deep sea diving suits. Their heat packs are filled with natural cherry pits, and do a truly remarkable job of retaining heat when used with the sleeve. The size of the sleeve is about 8"x 9", uses a Velcro closure, and is easily washable.

Their kit is very easy to use. Simply fill a container which fits into the sleeve with your chosen hot food, then as the instructions describe, heat the cherry pit bags for 30 to 90 seconds (depending on microwave) removing them at 30 second intervals to test for temperature after a gentle shaking to even the heat. Then put the container along with the cherry pit bags into the pouch. At lunchtime you or your child will be able to enjoy a warm and tasty lunch just like you desired!

Currently Warmables has a special offer at their website. They have a coupon for 10% off orders over $50 when you use the coupon code 'warm' at checkout. I think you will really enjoy shopping at their site which has lots of fun and clever ideas. Shipping is free on their website.

Disclosure: Warmables generously provided me with the products for review without cost to me. All opinions are my own.

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