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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bento Snacks: On The Go Snacks

Aloha! Here are some quickly put together snacks that I usually pack when we are out and about. It's for his in-between meal snacks. Here are a few past and present snacks packed in Winnie The Pooh box, Shinkansen box and Goodbyn Bynto box. The Goodbyn Bynto is my most recent and packed in less than 2 minutes while the others waited in the car. I am almost too embarrassed to post picture of it, but decided to share that not always speed and beauty goes together!
We will be frequently on planned vacations, so my postings will be random but will be back to normal routine when school resumes.

Snack in Winnie The Pooh box: Pretzels, raisins, Japanese cookies and Mott's all natural fruit snack.

Snack in Shinkansen box: Pretzels, yogurt covered raisins, strawberry bar and Mott's all natural fruit snack.

Snack in Goodbyn Bynto: Cheez-It Scrabble, organic grape juice, granola bar below raisins.

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