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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bento Lunch #322: CuteZCute Review and Frog Bento

I am so excited to try out my super cute and easy to use CuteZCute cutter and stamp kit from All Things For Sale. You can also find them at  Amazon.

This is a 6-piece set that includes cutters/stampers and an assistant pick.
- 1 outer face cutter (frame)
- 4 animal friends characters cutters and stamps (panda, cat, frog, pig) that can be used as a food cutter and a bread stamper. One side is sharper and used as a bento cutter, while the other side is used as a stamper for bread, cookie, pastry press and more.
- 1 cute happy panda assistant pick who is always excited to help making food cute and also help you clean the product by poking out the leftover food that may get stuck.

Use this set as a bread stamp, sandwich cutter, thin-sliced meat cutter, hamburger mold, rice mold, seasoning (spice or furikake) mold, cheese cutter, cookie cutter and stamp, pastry press, play dough mold, and many more.

In this bento: The top section contains veggie straws and honeydew melon. Bottom section contains a cute frog shaped spinach tortilla. I used my cutezcute cutter for the face with nori behind cutouts and pepperoni for cheeks. The frog's body is free hand cut and sitting on pumpernickel pretzel log. The letters are from organic fruit leather. Packed in EasyLunchBoxes.

Here are the items that I used to make and pack this lunch:

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  1. Your frog is adorable
    I love his wide smile!

  2. The frogs are really cute!They are spread good cheer :D

    1. Midori thanks you so much!:) Let me know if you received the package, was sent 2-3 weeks ago.

    2. oh that's long. Nothing received yet. I will let you know as soon as it arives! :)

  3. I love what u did with it. I just got it today! I'm gong to try out next
    Monday. Looks like my lunch punch will hv to wait till after next week. :)

    1. Thanks so much Ming:) Yay, you received it, looking forward to Monday! Too many cute cutters to play around with,hahaha. Have a great weekend!:)

  4. So super cute frog! It's funny I love froggy lunches like this, and scream like a wild woman if I see one in the garden...will try to think of this froggy's cute face before I terrify my neighbors again! But I'm like that with fish as well; only like them in a bento box! Lol But of course wonderful lunch Rina and have the best weekend ever!

    1. Hahaha, you are so funny and made my day this morning, seriously, I love reading your comments! I am also very afraid of real frogs but in bentos are fine with me. Thanks so much and have a great weekend with your lovely family!:)

  5. Loving the cute froggie theme, Rina! Have a wonderful weekend....




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