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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bento Lunch: Peeking Bear Waffle sandwich, breakfast for lunch bento

Does the waffle look like a peeking bear? When I cut the waffle in half, the idea of giving it a face came to my mind. I must say that I overslept today and my mind seemed quite foggy when I started making this bento.

Peeking bear waffle sandwich, breakfast for lunch

In this bento lunch:
  • Eggo waffle and MorningStar Farms grillers veggie burger cut in half. Mild cheddar cheese ears ( I used a circle cutter and then cut the cheese into half), mozzarella cheese eyes with nori pupils and a raisin nose.
  • Seedless red grapes with a bear pick.
  • Crinkle cut carrots with a container of ranch for dipping.
  • Linked to BentoLunch.net
Here are the supplies or similar that I used to make and pack this lunch.

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