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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bento Lunch: Bear face bento

This is an easy to make bear face bento that only required a few circle cutters.

In this bento lunch:
  • Bear Face sandwich is cut from three circle cutters, face accents are from smoked gouda cheese with raisin pupils and half of a red grape for nose. A dab of honey helps hold the accents in place. Pretzels on the side.
  • Raisins and edamame in bear shaped cups.
  • Watermelon cut in bear shapes in a square silicon cup. Packed in our Trudeau Fuel Everest Sandwich box. Linked to BentoLunch.net
Here are the supplies or similar that I used to make and pack this lunch.

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  1. So cute! Love the bear picks peeking out of the edamame.

    1. Thank you so much bentodays, those are my favorite bear picks!:)

  2. Love this lunch! I love how it showcases just how easy it is to make a lunch cute!

  3. Thanks so much Sarah and I am happy to know that you love it!:)

  4. handsome bear!
    have a nice weekend, Rina

    1. Yenny, thanks so much and you have a great weekend too!:)