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Friday, May 17, 2013

May Flowers Bento and A Very Proud Mommy

Happy Friday! Four more days of lunch packing next week before Summer holidays. I am extremely proud of Nikolai's achievements throughout the year and I am sharing them here.

Among the awards was a trophy for his outstanding accomplishment in the accelerated reader program (AR) in which he exceeded his bonus goals "all four quarters"- especially impressive since as a second grade student his ZPD (zone of proximal development) for reading is 4.4 (4th grade 4 months being in school) - 5.9 (5th grade 9 months being in school). For those not familiar with this program, students will select books from the library to read based on their ZPD range and take tests on their comprehension. They are awarded points for each book based on result. Each quarter they have a goal they attempt to reach. Should they reach their goal, there is a bonus goal that they can attempt.

"A" honor roll for achieving a grade of "A" in every subject area in every quarterly grading period.
Recognition for his achievements in the Gifted/Talented program.

The Principal's Award Certificate for most consistently following the school's rules ( only two kids in each classroom was selected ) and Award recognition for his perfect attendance, never having missed a day of school.
We are very proud parents!! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

In this bento lunch:
  • Main compartment - Flower shaped cream cheese sandwiches with strawberry jam centers. I used a straw to dab the jam.
  • Lower left - Watermelon and cantaloupe cut in flower shape with centers swapped.
  • Upper left - Seedless black grapes in flower shaped mold with a flower pick and cheddar goldfish crackers.
  • Center - Yogurt star from Trader Joe's
  • Upper right - Flower shaped cucumber slices. Packed in our PlanetBox Rover.
Here are the supplies that I used to make and pack this lunch.

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  1. Fantastic work, Nikolai!! N love ur beautiful flower bento.

  2. Beautiful lunch and way to go Nikolai!

  3. Wow what amazing accomplishments!! And a beautiful yummy lunch!

  4. You have an amazing son! And your bento is so nice. I like it. :D Have a nice Weekend! We have now a Long Weekend ;)

    1. Midori, thanks so much for your kind words! Enjoy your long weekend:)

  5. congratulations, Nikolai...
    your bento is so flowery sweet :)




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