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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Father's Day Tools Bento and New Lunchbox Love Notes Review

Nikolai has been planning to make a Father's Day bento and we decided to make it earlier since we will be out of town soon including Father's Day.

Sayplease.com  again generously sent me several sets of Lunchbox Love notes sometime last month and we are always happy to have extras. I have been using them awhile now and our whole family loves them! These notes are not only for kids but for anyone at anytime. Not only do they have a cheerful, encouraging and tender thought on one side, but on the other side you'll often find some interesting new bit of information. It really makes the lunch complete; food for the tummy, a touching thought for the heart and soul, and a little something to feed the mind!

Nikolai and I made this bento and I am sure Daddy will be very happy to see it during lunch time at work.

In this bento lunch:
  • Sandwiches cut to tool shapes with bread crusts as hand grips and fruit leather lettering.
  • Daddy's favorite organic peas with picks.
  • Watermelon cut and stamped with car shape.
  • Lunchbox Love for loved ones from vol2 and packed in an Easylunchboxes container.

Here are the supplies or similar that I used to make and pack this lunch.

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  1. Wow looks awesome! Bet Daddy loved it!

    1. Thanks so much Jean, daddy was surprised and loved it!:)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Kathy and glad to know that you like it!:)

  3. So cool, daddy must be very happy with this!

  4. I love the Lunchbox Love notes :). I also love how you used different cutters to make the bento :).

    1. Cooking Gallery, thank you so much for your kind comment and I am happy to know that you like them!:)




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