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Monday, October 28, 2013

Black Cat, Bat and Ghosts Halloween Bento (2)

We had some friends over during the weekend and I made fruit and vegetable kebabs for the kids. I made some extras, as usual, and decided to include them with this 'Cat on a Fence the Night of the Full Moon' bento. Below is another snack bento I made for Nikolai as we have a busy day today and I will need something ready-to-eat for after school.

Black Cat bento for Nikolai
Black Cat, Bat and Ghosts Halloween Bento lunch
In this bento lunch:
  • Cat shaped pumpernickel sandwich on fence sandwich with pretzel sticks. Behind cat is full moon of provolone cheese and fruit leather bat. Fruit leather also used for cat's eyes and a mild cheddar cheese grin.
  • Cucumber cut to flower shapes with carrot centers.
  • Ghost cupcake pick above watermelon cut to flower shapes with cantaloupe centers. 
  • Some pretzel sticks on the far right section and this lunch is packed in his Laptop Lunches.
Bat and Ghosts in a Happy House snack bento
In this snack bento:
  • Sandwich made with flax bread with Pumpernickel and mild cheddar bat and provolone ghosts (their 'eyes' are transplanted from the bat).
  • Cantaloupe pieces and crinkle-cut carrots with skeleton cupcake ring.
  • Packed in his Happy Home bento box from Happy Tiffin .
Here are the supplies or similar that I used to make and pack this lunch and snack.

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