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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Avengers Thor and Hulk Bento

We watched the movie Avengers: Age Of Ultron on the weekend and enjoyed the movie, can't say more, no spoiler alerts here. I like action heroes and I believe these are my first hero themed lunches. My personal favorite is Thor and I've watched the Thor movies as well, several times I would say.

For this THOR bento I made some Thor hammers from pretzel sticks and cube Mozzarella cheese. The T-H-O-R lettering was cut from mild cheddar with my alphabet cookie cutters, the A above the grapes and next to the baby carrots was free hand cut from fruit leather, and the one in the center is an alphabet cookie from IKEA. I also included a Thor yogurt from Yoplait GoGurt Avengers Collection. This lunch was packed in a Planetbox rover.

Avengers Thor bento school lunch, planetbox rover
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I also like Hulk since I used to watch the incredible hulk t.v series when I was younger. Have you watched the series before? The main section contains a Thomas bagel thin and with the same alphabets cookie cutters I cut HULK from smoked Provolone cheese. In the lower left section I made the hulk face from a slice of honeydew melon (cut with a circle cutter) with nori hand cut for the hair and eyebrows candy eyes and another piece of Provolone cheese for the mouth. In the upper left section I included some organic baby carrots and some Annie's organic cheddar bunnies in a silicone cup. This lunch was packed in a Planetbox launch.

Avengers Hulk bento school lunch, Planetbox Launch

Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack these lunches.

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  1. Love both your Thor and Hulk bentos! I love the Marvel heros!

  2. I love both bentos and the Thor hammers are so cool!

  3. Oh I love the hulk on especially! Middle man would love this

  4. Cutting the fruit leather is fabulous -- such a big impact! Thanks for sharing!




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