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Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Fish Bentos

How was your weekend? Ours went by like a flash as always. These past few months, Nikolai refused to eat school lunch even when the days they had his favorite pizza. He told us that the portions are too small and he disliked the side dishes. We asked him, "How about those who have to eat school lunch?" He told us that his friends, having no choice, ate the main meal and then complained of still being hungry or said the food was just not tasty. That being discussed, my husband and I joined him at school several times to check things out. True enough, the kids who ate school lunch had just had the main meal which was a grilled cheese sandwich, nuggets, taco or pizza (different days), some took the side dish but did not touch it, most just took the main portion.

So now I have to pack lunches for him five days a week.  At times they are simple lunches, some of which I've posted previously. There are some days that he packed his own lunches which are simple sandwiches or leftovers which he prefers over school lunch. Here are three fish themed lunches which Nikolai enjoyed sometime back.    

The fist lunch was a pita for which I used a paring knife to remove a section to relocate forming the mouth and tail. I used a heart shape cutter to make the side fin of Mozzarella cheese and a candy eye. His sides were fish shaped watermelon slices cut with a small fish shaped cookie cutter in a silicone cup, tiny fish shaped cucumber above organic baby carrots, packed in an Easylunchboxes container. I also included a Lunchbox Love note with his lunchbox.

Pita fish bento school lunch, Lunchbox Love note

The second lunch was a fish created with circle and heart shaped cookie cutters; a larger heart cutter for the tail and a small heart to make the accents, Swedish fish and cheddar fish crackers are also in the main compartment. The sides were crinkle cut cucumber slices, organic baby carrots, seedless red grapes and orange slices. This lunch was packed in a Fit & Fresh container.
I love crinkle cut veggies and I have recently purchase a new crinkle cut knife although I already own several. This one is small in size and it's also ideal for Nikolai to use.

Fish bento school lunch, Fit & Fresh

The third and last lunch was quite easy. The main compartment contains a pita cut into quarters (stacked) and topped with fish shaped cheddar cheese, organic granola bar cut into half and cheddar goldfish crackers in silicone cups. The sides were organic baby carrots, broccoli florets, Annie's organic fruit snacks, pineapple and watermelon pieces.
This lunch was packed in a leakproof Yumbox Panino.

Fish on pita bento school lunch, Yumbox Panino

Here are the supplies or similar that I used to create and pack these lunches.


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  1. Fun lunches! My kids would love them!

  2. Love them all, but my favourite has got to be the pita one! I am glad he is able to enjoy these yummy and healthy lunches, since the description of his school lunch doesn't sound tasty or filling at all :)

    1. Thank you so much Jean! I hope the school will make some changes to their menu, and I also pity the other students who have to eat school lunch.

  3. They all look so lovely and yummy. Pity those other students who have no choice but to eat school lunches.

    1. Thank you Ming! Yes, I feel so sorry for the other students and sometimes I wish that I could make bentos for everyone.




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