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Monday, August 24, 2015

Back to School Lunch

I can't believe that today is the first day of school for us and Nikolai will be in Grade 5. It's also time for us to get back into a normal routine after enjoying the freedom to create our own highly flexible schedule.

We attended the school open house on Saturday and we are super pleased with his class placement as well as his teacher, about whom we had heard many favorable comments. For me, it's always a bittersweet time when Nikolai starts a new grade. Like many parents, I always feel he is growing up too quickly and now this will also be his last year in elementary school. All in all, we are looking forward to a great new school year. I'm quite confident that he is ready to give his studies his best effort. While we have all greatly enjoyed this summer vacation, his naturally studious and organized nature suggest he will make a quick and successful return to his school books.

Here is Nikolai's first day back to school lunch packed in his planetbox. I chose to make this one a near recreation of last years one which can be seen here. I changed the multiplication problem on the book sandwich to one of division with the result being 5, lines made from nori and the numbers from fruit leather. I also used the numeric five cutter on the babybel cheese. His other sides are organic baby carrots with a cupcake pick, Annie's organic crackers, red and green grapes.

Back to school lunch, grade 5,

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  1. What a cute lunch, I am sure your son enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you Melissa! He enjoyed his lunch and thankfully he still allows me to make fun lunches for him.:)

  2. Happy back to school!! Love the cute lunch!

    1. Thank you Ming, and I am so glad to know that you love this lunch!:)

  3. I love that little notebook with the division question! Such a fun lunch!

    1. Thank you Jean! I am so happy to know that you love the notebook.:)




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