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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Review: PlanetBox BottleRocket Water Bottle

The nice people over at PlanetBox presented me the opportunity to try out their BottleRocket water bottle, and in this post I will share my pleasurable experience testing it. It arrived about a month ago, packed nicely with the main part in one carton and the base and cap in another. The base attaches by lining up the notches and pegs and giving a partial twist. The cap screws on after filling and has a quick release spring loaded cover over the spout.

We have had other water bottles which have pop-up or fold out straws that I've sometimes found difficult to clean to my satisfaction or difficult to replace. The spout on the BottleRocket is very easy both to use and easy to clean.

We got busy with the testing, to see if it really kept the water cold and find out if it was indeed leakproof. There are not many places hotter than Florida in July and August, so I figured that if it could keep the contents cool after many hours out doors in the mid day heat, well I couldn't think of a more rigorous real world test than that! Nikolai reported that it was quite cold. For the next test I closed the cap and carried it around in my handbag. If there is a time when something will develop a leak, for sure it will be in your handbag, but again I am pleased to report that the water stayed in the BottleRocket.

Another feature that is quite subtle, but also very nice is that the base prevents the BottleRocket from rolling away. If you have had the experience of one rolling off the table and across the floor you will appreciate this. All together the rocket shaped insulated bottle is a fun concept that is beautifully designed with great features and superb quality.

The photo below shows the BottleRocket assembled and the cartons in which the components arrived. Below that is a photo of the BottleRocket with the cap removed and opened to show the spout. The last of the photos shows the rocket themed lunch I made packed in a PlanetBox Shuttle alongside our BottleRocket water bottle. 

Below is a rocket theme bento I made for Nikolai. The larger compartment holds a sandwich which was hand cut to a rocket shape. The port holes were cut using circle cutters and the rocket's fins were hand cut from strawberry fruit leather. The rocket's propulsion is half of a strawberry. In the other compartment I included some strawberries, seedless green grapes with a rocket and a star shaped pick. It was packed in our PlanetBox Shuttle and accompanied by the PlanetBox BottleRocket. 

PlanetBox BottleRocket water bottle Review, Rocket Lunch

Here are some of the things I really liked about the Bottle Rocket:
  • I found it to be truly leakproof after testing it for several days.
  • The contents stayed cold even after hours in Florida summer heat.
  • It is easy to open with the push of a button designed for little hands.
  • The cap keeps the the spout, which I much prefer over straws clean and sealed.
  • The Bottle Rocket's ridges provide an easy grip.
  • There’s a locking mechanism so that you can’t accidentally press the “open” button.
The only suggestion that I could make, would be to make it also available in larger sizes in addition to the present size of eleven ounces.

PlanetBox has a well deserved reputation for high-quality products and their BottleRocket is an excellent example.

Disclosure: PlanetBox generously provided me with the item without cost to me. Other than receiving the item, I have not received any compensation to write this review. All opinions are my own.

Disclosure: PlanetBox generously provided me with the items without cost to me. Other than receiving the items, I have not received any compensation to write this review. All opinions are my own.
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