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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

6 CuteZCute Animal Friends Lunches

Want cute? Want easy? Want them both?? I think you will really like these! One set of cutter, 6 fun lunches. Here is a set which contains a cutter and stampers to make panda, cat, frog, and pig faces. Power this set with your imagination and you can make really cute lunches with ease.

CuteZCute Animal Friends collection is the first of the CuteZCute collections which we acquired! I've used this set quite often and keep them handy especially the bear face stamper.  Whenever I want to create a bear themed lunch or whenever I need a cute nose or eyes to add on to any other creation I reach for these. This set has them all, and they are not only as cute as cute can be, but also so very easy to use.

These lunches were packed a week or so before the end of school year and I decided to use only the CuteZCute cutter for my own convenience. Since it came with four animal friends cutters and stamps, I had four days of lunches planned and the other two I included as they also were made using the same set.

Bento lunch 1: This is a cat themed lunch for which I used the cat face cutter and both whole wheat and pumpernickel bread with Colby cheese as one of the fillings. It could work just as well with the reverse side which would have a white cat and a dark background, but I thought the contrast with the cheese was nicer this way. He also had cucumber sticks ("Mom, I don't like the cucumber seeds!"), organic baby carrots, Trader Joe's yogurt covered star, seedless red grapes with a cat pick, Annie's organic granola bar and cheddar crackers. This lunch was packed in his Planetbox rover.

Cat lunch, CuteZCute, bento school lunches

Bento lunch 2: Here is a frog themed lunch which shows that you can use various fillings arranged behind the cutout places to achieve a fun result. You might like to try those pimento stuffed olives for the eyes with your version. This example is showing the frog with provolone cheese and salami facial accents. He also had a babybel cheese, pretzel sticks, seedless red grapes with a cute frog baran sheet and organic kiwi slices with a frog pick. This lunch was packed in a Planetbox shuttle.

Frog lunch, CuteZCute, bento school lunches

Bento lunch 3: Panda themed lunch which was quite easy to create, a slice of Colby jack cheese cut and topped above a whole wheat sandwich. His sides were Annie's organic granola bar, hummus in the cute panda container, organic baby carrots, a string cheese cut into pieces, Annie's organic fruit snacks, pineapple pieces and also seedless red grapes with panda picks. This lunch was packed in a Planetbox rover.

Panda lunch, CuteZCute, bento school lunches

Bento lunch 4: All of these are really cute, but this has to be about the cutest pig cutter I've ever seen. Behind the cutouts there is Colby cheese, and above are Ikea alphabet cookies. Inside the pig container is ranch dressing for the organic baby carrots and there is a little pig pick with the red grapes, both in my favorite square silicone cups. I packed this lunch in our Planetbox Shuttle.

Pig lunch, CuteZCute, bentoschoollunches

Bento lunch 5: I used the winking cat face set for this lunch with nutella revealed by the cutouts and also in the main section I included some fish shaped cheese crackers. There are strawberry halves  above the cat and in the bottom left section I used alphabet cutters to create the spell the word in pieces of apple. Above the apple are organic baby carrots with a container of ranch dressing and a little cat pick. In the center is the letter "C" from a box of Ikea alphabet crackers. All of this is packed in a Planetbox Rover.

CAT lunch, CuteZCute, bento school lunches

Bento lunch 6: For this lunch I used the panda face cutter from the CuteZCute collection on two slices of bread. One was dark pumpernickel rye and the other honey wheat and so that by swapping pieces I could create the result you see. This technique can be used with the other cutters in the collection as well. Also included with this lunch were blueberries, cucumber slices with a panda baran, IKEA alphabet cookies with string cheese, and a yogurt star. This lunch was packed in a Planetbox Rover.

Panda lunch, CuteZCute, bento school lunches

Here are all 6 lunches in a collage.

6 CuteZCute Animal Friends Lunches

Here are some of the supplies that I used in these lunches.

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  1. All of the lunches are very cute! I need to get a set of the cutezcute!

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! I hope you'll enjoy your set as much as we do ours.:)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Ming! I'm so glad to know that you love them.:)

  3. Very cute! I still love my CuteZCute sets, very handy for making cute lunches and snacks!




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