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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy National Teddy Bear Day Lunch

It's National Teddy Bear Day today! I will make this a short post so that I'll be able to share his bear themed lunch on the exact day instead of later.

Since Nikolai is a huge bear fan, and also a fan of little bears, I have a collection of bear shaped cookie cutters and accessories. To shape the sandwich for this lunch I used the bear cutter from my Wilton animal pals cookie cutter set. His features are from mozzarella cheese, raisins and candy eyes. His sides were ants on the log (aka celery sticks, sun butter and raisins) with a cute bear pick, yogurt covered raisins, watermelon cut into bear shapes and a babybel cheese from which I removed a bear shape from the covering with the use of a small bear cutter. This lunch was packed in a Bentgo leak-proof lunchbox.

Happy National Teddy Bear Day Lunch

Next Monday will again be a day off from school, and another opportunity for a three day weekend adventure. I am so pleased that Nikolai actually enjoys visiting museums and historical sites as well as amusement parks.

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