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Monday, November 30, 2015

5 Breakfast For Lunch Ideas

Tomorrow is already December, where did the time go! With Nikolai having a few days off from school, we really enjoyed an extra long Thanksgiving weekend and, as perhaps many others, celebrated in part by eating way too much. Hubby was the main cook, but he insists that everyone helped with the production.:)

Breakfast for lunch or breakfast for anytime of the day is quite popular with our family. I find it easy to pack and you can use either frozen or homemade breakfast foods. Some of these were enjoyed by Nikolai months ago.

Bento lunch 1: Domo french toast. My hubby made french toast one of the mornings for us and I conveniently packed a couple for Nikoila's lunch. I added a couple of choc chips for the eyes, fruit leather mouth and mozzarella cheese teeth. Does it look like Domo-kun? In the center of his leak-proof Yumbox panino is organic maple syrup and his sides were alphabet wheat cookies from Ikea and seedless green and red grapes.

Domo french toast breakfast for lunch

Bento lunch 2: Blueberry muffins. I baked these sometime back and saved some in the freezer. Thawed them the night before in the refrigerator and they were ready to go the next day. He also had sausage patties, granola bar, yogurt covered raisins, peach slices and yogurt. This lunch was packed in his leak-proof Yumbox panino which is perfect for sending yogurt.

Blueberry muffins breakfast for lunch

Bento lunch 3: Mini pancakes, sausage links and a few picks to make this lunch a little cute.
He also had persimmon slices, cheese slices, and Ikea's alphabet wheat cookies. This lunch was packed in a Bentgo leak-proof lunch box.

Mini pancakes breakfast for lunch

Bento lunch 4: Cream cheese bagel which I added a bunny pick to look like a bunny in a float. His sides were yogurt and apple slices. This lunch was packed in his Yumbox panino.

Bagel for school lunch

Bento lunch 5: Waffle sandwich with baran sheet, a granola bar, fruit snacks, cereal and apple slices. This lunch was also packed in a Yumbox panino.

Waffles breakfast for lunch

5 Breakfast For Lunch Ideas

Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack these lunches.

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  1. Love the blueberry muffins and the entire collection looks delish!!

  2. All these lunches are adorable! Especially love the Domo french toast!

  3. They are all so cute!! Time flies too fast!

    1. Thank you Ming! Yes, it flies especially fast when you're having fun.:)




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