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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Minecraft Steve Lunch

Weather here has been cooler and windy for the past few days. The wind bothers me more than the cold and thankfully the wind has subsided, you know, when you have your hair all nicely done and as soon as you walk out the door it looks like you just woke up from bed! That really bothers me and I know that no one likes a bad hair day! This evening we will be attending a middle school open house.

Did I really write 'middle school'? It just seems almost unreal that in August he will already be into his middle school years! The new school is a greater distance from home which will make for a longer drive and greater traffic among, I'm sure, many other adjustments. We are just going to take it one step at a time.

I believe that I've mentioned that Nikolai is a huge Minecraft fan and he plays the game almost daily, sometimes by himself and sometimes with his friends online. Not to mention that he has all the Lego Minecraft sets and other decorative Minecraft items. Most of the sets have the figure Steve and I thought that he might like seeing Steve in his lunchbox. When I asked him how he like the lunch, he said he did, but he would like 'ME' themed lunch even more. "Who is ME?" I asked him, "Is that a new character?" He laughed and said, "No, it's me, Nikolai, my Minecraft character."

Minecraft Steve bento lunch

In this bento lunch: The block head is simply a sandwich topped with a slice of provolone cheese with another slice cut to give a 3D effect for the eyes and nose. The rest of this Steve is just cutting the nori for hair, eyes, and mouth. The sides for this lunch were organic baby carrots and red seedless grapes. This lunch was packed in our book bento box.

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  1. Love the minecraft lunch, so cool. My boy is going middle school next year, they grow up so fast right.

    1. Thank you Ming! Yes, they grow up too fast and I wish that Nikolai is still in his toddler years.

  2. Love this fun lunch and the bento box!

  3. So cool! I know my eldest boy would love this!




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