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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

3 Lunches in Planetbox Rover

How's your week going? Nikolai is having his state assessment tests this week and while he is self motivated, self directed and very responsible with his studies, I suppose it's always the case that parents worry in the back of their minds that there should be something more that they could do.

I found these lunch photos in my archives and I'll combine them here into one post since I am unable to come up with titles. These are examples of lunches that I quickly put together and thought of not posting since they are so simple. On the other hand, I thought it's nice to share what simple lunches that Nikolai enjoyed at times when we were in a rush and had almost no time to pack lunches perhaps because we woke up late. That's life, right?

I have a few lunchboxes which I go to whenever I am in a hurry and one of them is our Planetbox! The main reason is: I LOVE the divided compartments! I'm able to add a little bit of this and a little bit of that knowing that Nikolai will have enough to eat at lunch time.

Tortilla pinwheels in Planetbox rover

In this bento lunch (packed in a Planetbox Rover):
  • Main compartment - Tortilla pinwheels and hummus in the small dipper.
  • Upper left - Pear pieces.
  • Lower left - Clif Bar.
  • Center - Babybel cheese.
  • Upper right - Organic baby carrots and celery sticks.
Polar bear theme school lunch

In this bento lunch (packed in a Planetbox Rover):
  • Main compartment - A polar bear cupcake ring on a sandwich for added cuteness.
  • Upper left - Cheddar crackers.
  • Lower left - Organic baby carrots.
  • Center - A bear cut out on a Babybel cheese.
  • Upper right - Seedless organic grapes.
Mini pancakes, sausages, breakfast for lunch

In this breakfast for lunch (packed in a Planetbox Rover):
  • Main compartment - Mini pancakes with a baran sheet.
  • Upper left - Sausages.
  • Lower left - Seedless organic grapes, organic pure maple syrup in the small dipper.
  • Center - Babybel cheese.
  • Upper right -Annie's homegrown organic crackers.

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  1. They all look so yummy! Nikolai is so awesome, mine still needs me to nag, and yet it's still not done well.

    1. Thank you so much Ming! I still nag him a little when he starts playing computer games.

  2. These look good! All the best to Nikolai, exams are coming up here too and I am forever telling my kids to revise and stop watching TV!

    1. Thank you so much Jean and good luck to your kids too! Nikolai doesn't watch t.v but into computer games and we have to set a limit.




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