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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

4 French Toast Breakfast For Lunch Ideas

I am biased here, I would say that my hubby makes the best french toast! I never much liked French toast before I met him but now, after tasting the ones that he made, I kinda like it as does Nikolai, who loves them and often requests them for his school lunch. The French toast bentos below were made by my hubby except for the French toast sticks which I got from my freezer stash. We like to stock up on some frozen breakfast items for times when we need quick and easy, grab and go.

4 French Toast Breakfast For Lunch Ideas

The first breakfast for lunch, shown in the photo below, and packed in our leak-proof Yumbox , is so easy. While hubby was cooking more French toast, I added some features to the ones that I helped packed in the Yumbox. I used a small circle cutter for the cheddar ears and provolone nose, raisin eyes and nori accent for the nose. Does it look like a bear? His sides were organic maple syrup, organic apple sauce and orange slices.

French toast breakfast for lunch, bear themed.

The second breakfast for lunch was from my freezer stash, with the French toast heated in the toaster oven. The sides were organic granola bar cut into half, grapes, organic maple syrup, strawberry yogurt with a strawberry cut into star shape and some organic crackers. This lunch was packed in a leak-proof Bentgo lunchbox.

French toast sticks breakfast for lunch

This third breakfast for lunch French toast was also made by my hubby and I added a smiley face to it, raisin eyes and nori mouth with a cap pick, easy peasy! Sides were organic apple sauce, seedless grapes, organic maple syrup in the small container, Trader Joe's yogurt stars and a spoon wrapped in cloth napkin. This lunch was packed in a Bentology lunchbox.

Smiley face French toast breakfast for lunch

The fourth French toast breakfast for lunch was also packed in our leak-proof Yumbox. I added a baran sheet for cuteness. Alongside are Chobani Greek yogurt, organic maple syrup and seedless grapes with a pick.

French toast breakfast for lunch with a cute baran sheet

Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack these lunches.

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